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Where can I buy a copy?

Here's a list of the stores where you pick up a copy of Salford City News


Tesco, Liverpool Road, M30 0WD

Tesco, 656 Manchester Road, M27 9RA

Salford Supermarket, 559 Liverpool Street, M6 5GY

Tesco, Monton Road, M30 9GA

Tesco, Cheetham Hill Road, M8 5DP

Tesco, Liverpool Road, M44 6FY

Morrisons, 7 Irwell, Eccles, M30 0FH

Morrisons, Swinton Hall Road, M27 4BT

Convenience Store

McColls, 17 Hulton District Centre, M28 0BA

McColls, 27 Fiddlers Lane, M44 6QE

McColls,141-143 Walkden Road, M28 7QH

McColls, 20 Ducie Street, M1 2DP

McColls, Unit 4 MOHO Building, M15 4JY

McColls, 333 Stretford Road, M15 4AY

McColls, 8-9 Phoebe Street, M5 3PH

McColls, 52 Folly Lane, M27 0AJ

Martins, 19 Chorlton Road, M21 9AQ

Nisa Local, 98 Liverpool Road, M44 6FF

Nisa Local, 303 Littleton Road, M7 3TA

Nisa, Broughton Lane, M7 1UD

Worsley Grocery Store, 2 Newearth Road, M28 7UU

Costcutter, 428 Worsley Road, M30 8HQ

Costcutter, 394/400 Liverpool Road, M30 8QD

Costcutter, 14 Ellenbrook Road, M28 1FZ

Irlam Square Convenience Store, 317-319 Bolton Road, M6 7GU

Sufia Enterprise Ltd, M44 5AN

Duchy Stores Ltd, 33-35 Duchy Road, M6 7JT

Landslide Store, 322 Great Clowes Street, M7 2HD

Go Local Extra, 49-53 Ashton Road East, M35 9PN

Go Local Extra, 66-68 Edward Avenue, M6 8DA

Clifton Superstore, 177 Rake Lane, M27 8RD

Moorside General Stores, 178-180 Moorside Road, M27 9LE

Independent Trader, 288 Littleton Road, M7 3QG

Littleton Convenience Store, 193 Littleton Road, M7 3TL

Peel Green Stores, 161 Peel Green Road, M30 7DT

Indees Ltd, 1 Derby Road, M5 5NZ

M G Minimarket, 154 Fitzwarren Street, M6 5RS

Minimarket, 54/56 Westminister Road,M35 9LQ

Convenience Store, 574 Manchester Road, M27 9GW

Superstores, 66 Whittle Street, M28 3WY

Onestop, 180—182 Langwothy Road, M6 5PP

T/A MI Convenience Store, 194A Liverpool Road, M30 0PF

Tesco Extra, Fairhills Road, M44 6BL

Tesco Extra, 60 Ellesmere Shopping Centre, M28 3BT

Teco Extra, Colwyn Street, M6 5JG

Wades One Stop, 407-409 Liverpool Road, M30 7HB

Costcutter, 215 Eccles Road, M6 8HA

Costcutter, 82 Chorley Road, M27 5XB

Independent Trader, 3 Hardman Lane, M35 ODL

Ramada Supermarket, 41 Lord Street, M44 5EH

Swinton Convenience Store, 730 Bolton Road,  M27 6EW

Independent Trader, 27 Worsley Road North, M28 3GB

Delta Superstore, 31 Brockhurst Lane, M38 9TF

Local General Store, 24 Agecroft Road, M27 8UE

OM Convenience Store Ltd, 206 Barton Lane, M30 0HJ

Discount Store, 367-369 Chorley Road, M27 6AY

Independent Trader, 16 Propps Hall Drive, M35 0LN

Ferryhill Stores, 52-54 Ferryhill Road, M44 6DD

SPAR, Poets Corner, M6 6BA

SPAR, 148-154 Manchester Road, M28 3LU

SPAR, 31-33 King St West, M3 2PW

SPAR, 131 Mosley Common Road, M28 1AH

SPAR (Euro Salford Quays), Trafford Road, M50 3XB

Ekantika House, 164 Kenyon Way, M38 0DJ

Best One, 2 Orient Road, M6 8LD

First Convenience Store, 46 Liverpool Road, M44 5AF

Estonhill Ltd 39-41 Worsley Road M27 5WN

Convenience Store 282 Manchester Road  M38 9WQ

Premier News and Off License 186 Trafford Road M30 0JP

Best Choice 351 Lower Broughton Road M7 2HR

The Gardens  4-6 The Gardens  M30 9DU

Barton Road Off License  49 Barton Road M30 7AD

CO-OP Units 3-4 M50 3XP

CO-OP, Ellenbrook Centre, M28 1PB

CO-OP, Chapel Street, M3 5JF

CO-OP, 1 Lockgate Square, M5 4YU

CO-OP, Bridge Street, M3 3BN

CO-OP, 335 Worsley Road M27 0FJ

Carlton Convenience 1 Grecian Street M7 1JF

102A New Lane   M30 7JE

5 Great Cheetham Street M7 2JB

11 Concord Place M6 6SJ

20-22 Partington Street M35 9RD

242 Middleton Road M8 4WA

109 Deansgate M3 2BQ

Black Friars Off Licence 57-59 Blackfriars Road M3 7DB

Premier Store 1-3 Elizabeth Street M8 8BQ

Petrol Stations/Forecourts

Texaco 15-49 Oldham Road M35 0JE

Texaco 21 Seedley Road Service Station M6 5WN

Rainbow Garages 11-13 Cromwell Road M6 6SX

Tesco PFS Fairhills Road M44 6BL

Tesco PFS Ashton Road West  M35 0ES

Tesco PFS   Colwyn Street  M6 5JG

Tesco  60 Ellesmere Shopping Centre  M28 3BT

Euro Garages Walkden Road   M28 2RZ

Sainsburys PFS   Regent Street  M5 4QU

Shell   526 Eccles New Road  M5 5BJ

Shell  Middleton Road  M8 4LY

Go Fuels Ltd  Manchester Road East   M28 3NS

Shell   301 Regent Road   M5 4TS

Rainbow Garages    25 Broughton Lane  M8 9UE     

Quality Save   Ellesmere Approach  M28 3EE 

Morrisons PFS  Swinton Hall Road M27 4BT

 Euro Garages   332 Cheetham Hill  M8 0PL


Irlam Service Station Liverpool Road M44 6EH

S & S Station LTD  Manchester Road East  M38 9AW

The Kay Group Irlam Gateway Service Station M44 6FW


WHSmith Media City M50 2LH

WHSmith  Manchester Victoria   M3 1WY

Booths  Media City M50 2BS


Independent Newsagent 142 Lord Street  M44 5YB

Monton Newsagents 227 Monton Road M30 9PS

AUE Retail 23 Bolton Road M28 3AX

Choice Manchester  7 Moss Lane M27 9RD

Daily Planet News  284 Moorside Road  M27 9PW

Old Lane Stores   128 Old Lane M38 9SB

Independent Newsagent 299-301 Manchester Road M28 3HH

Westwood Park News 59 Manchester Road M27 5FX

Independent Newsagent 53-55 Eccles Road M27 5PR

Independent Newsagent 352 Worsley Road  M30 8JA

NP News 8 The Mall M30 0EA

Independent Newsagent  167 Morton Road  M30 9GS

City Centre News 6 Hankinson Way  M 6 5JA

Independent Newsagent   474 Gt Cheetham Street M7 4TW

M I A D Newsagents  8 Station Road M27 6AF

Village News   13-15 Barton Road  M28 2PD

Independent Newsagent  149 Worsley Road M30 8LY

The Newsagents  722 Bolton Road  M27 6EW

Independent Newsagent  148 Partington Lane M27 5YW

Independent Newsagent   8 Hampton Road M35 9HU

Independent Newsagent   202 Church Street  M30 0LZ

Independent Newsagent  10 Coniston  M38 9WX

Independent Newsagent   311-313 Chapel Street  M3 5JY

P&A News    819 Liverpool Road  M30 7LH

Newsmarket    Delauneys Road  M8 8BQ

Mega Choice News  187 Queens Road   M8 0RB

Independent Newsagent  62 Crumpsall Lane  M8 5SG

Cheetham Wines News   360 Cheetham Hill Road  M8 9PA

Ashtree Newsagents 2 Ashtree Road M8 5AT

Independent Newsagent   19 The Parade  M27 5BH

Independent Newsagent   195 Liverpool Road  M44 5XH

Independent Newsagent  80 Liverpool Road  M30 7LH

Independent Newsagent  100 Brookhouse Avenue   M30 7PA

Independent Newsagent   675 Liverpool Road  M44 5CQ

Independent Newsagent   67 Hulton Avenue M28 OHN

Independent Newsagent  Off Wellington Road   M30 0NP

Independent     Newsagent  212 Cleggs Lane M38 9RQ

Independent Newsagent   East Lancashire Road    M28 1BT

Independent Newsagent   99 Eccles New Road    M5 4RX

Independent Newsagent 10 Pendlebury Road  M27 4AR

Independent Newsagent  232 Manchester Road  M27 4TS

Independent Newsagent   60 Bury Old Road  M8 5BN

Independent Newsagent 71 Partington Lane M27 0NS

East West Express    Unit 4 Trafford Road     M5 3AW

Independent Newsagent   Waterloo Road  M8 8JG

Independent Newsagent   7-9 Leigh Road M28 1HP

Independent Newsagent 11 Trafford Road   M5 3FE

Independent Newsagent  61 Crumpsall Lane M8 4ED

Salford General Store 18C New Bailey Street M3 5FS

Post Offices

75 Rocky Lane    M30 9LS

McCartan L & S  137 Lord Lane   M35 0PH

 17 Mocha Parade   M7 1QE

  UnitF24A  M50 3AG

Tootal Drive Post Office      2 Tootal Road   M5 5FX

Roe Green Store  40-42 Greenleach Lane   M28 2RG

Cromwell Bridge Post Office        135 Gerald Road   M6 6BL

Middleton Road Post Office    73 Middleton Road    M8 4JY

Other stores

News Food and Booze   54-56 Parrin Street  M30 8BD

News Food and Booze  68 Grasmere Crescent   M30 8DW

News Food and Booze 166 Swinton Park Rd  M6 7PA

T/A International Wines    74 Barton Road   M27 5LP

Bargain Booze     33 Lord Lane   M35 9GB

News and Booze Eccles    1 Regent Street  M30 0BP

Hallens (Salford Royal)  191 Eccles Road  M6 8HA

Irlam Food and Wine  252 Liverpool Road  M44 6WG

Junction Food and Wine   241 Lower Broughton Rd   M7 2JT

Barton Wines 11-13 Cawdoor Street M30 0GB

Boozemart   140 Cromwell Road  M6 6DE

K.A Grocery  37 Rydal Crescent  M28 7JD

Deans Food and Wine     87 Station Road    M30 0PZ

H20 LIQUOR  55 Station Road   M27 6BR