A NEW sleepover business is a hit with children as they enjoy their unique planned overnight parties.

Louise Wilson from Worsley is the creative mind of Jim Jams Wigwams, who creates special sleepover packages for children and even adults to enjoy themed bedtime parties.

Mrs Wilson who runs Angel Media makes the tent shaped beds and includes little trays and sweets, and balloons for the birthday girl or boy to feel like they are having a real sleepover.

The mum of one started the business in October 2019.

She said: “I got into it and I set this up for my own son’s birthday and we loved it.

“People saw the pictures and said they would love to have one.

“I quickly set it up and it is really growing. We set it up in the living room and it brings back a traditional way of playing, that is something we as kids used to love to do.

“It’s imaginative, and different from just going on iPads.”

Each party can pick a theme, from barbie, football, fortnite, rose gold, and more.

Creative mum Mrs Wilson said the first one for her son went down very well.

She said: “My son was unsure at first and said he didn’t think I would do it well, but when he saw it, he was amazed.

“He loved it, because it makes it fun for them and they can talk to each-other and be imaginative.

“I loved doing this when I was younger too, and I’ve seen it been done on Pinterest, so I thought I could bring it to Salford.

“People can add other things like a donut wall, if they like.

“It has been going on for some time now in the USA.”

Mrs Wilson runs a business in digital marketing having worked for IPC media.

Aside from her jobs, Mrs Wilson is also a mum and gets up early to get her work done before the school run.

To see what the sleepover business has to offer visit their Instagram page @jim_jams_wigwams