A GROUP of intrepid ghosthunters will take part in a pub lock-in with a difference this weekend.

RH Paranormal Investigations, led by local man Roger Hayhurst, may well need some Dutch courage when they stay the night at the Church Inn in Swinton, which has long been associated with paranormal activity.

Stories about the pub on Chorley Road, which was formerly called The Bulls Head, have circulated for years due to its location close to St Peter’s Church and its alleged associations with grave robbers.

In the 1980s, reports of a poltergeist hit the headlines with a phantom drinker also spotted sitting at the bar long after last orders.

“I’ve been carrying put paranormal investigations for about 18 months now and have put my own team together,” said Roger.

“We’re the first team to go in there and I’ve been pestering them for months because there are lots of stories. I’ve had staff members messaging me about their past experiences and there has been a lot of interest.”

Roger is planning to film the team’s stay live on Facebook so his followers can watch if anything does go bump in the night.

“We’re going to be there all night and get whatever footage we can,” he said. “We will have a seance and I have all my paranormal equipment including my spirit box and we will see what we can find.

“All the people who have messaged us who have worked at the pub have given us similar stories about a spirit in the cellar which has pushed or touched people.”

Watch love footage of the investigation from 11.15pm on February 20 at www.facebook.com/rhparanormal/