A FOOTPATH at the front of Lancastrian Hall and Central Library was temporarily closed due to health and safety issues with its masonry on Monday, February 10.

The decision resulted in renewed criticism for the building from the Swinton community, who slammed its presence as an 'eyesore'.

In response to the comments, Swinton South Councillor Heather Fletcher said that she had noted what had been said.

She added: "There are no plans on the horizon for the Lancastrian Hall.

"I shall feed concerns back to the relevant lead members and officers and I have now written an appropriate email regarding the residents concerns about the Lancastrian to the appropriate people."

The council's site says that they are "investigating" a number of options for the building.

It reads: "The Lancastrian Hall is arguably the most distinctive building in Swinton. Centrally situated at the junction of Chorley Road and Station Road, the building is vacant now that Swinton Library has relocated from the Lancastrian Hall to the new Gateway building.

"The council is currently investigating a number of options for the building which may also include improvements to Fountain Square."

Salford City News asked Swinton residents what they thought of the building and dozens of responses came in...

Kay Wejman said: "Driving very slowly down Chorley Road due to Road works, l have had time to look at the Lancastrian Hall.

"What a disgrace. How can the council let its building get in this condition? It makes the whole area look like a slum clearance. It really does need demolishing."

Taylor Franks said: "It is such a shame that Puccini’s is hidden by this building. The property prices have surged over the last 24 months within Swinton, especially with the influx of nice bars.

"I think this should be removed and should be replaced by some restaurant space. It served its purpose but now it is derelict and adds no value to the area."

Carla Walley said: "It would be lovely to see the square with bars and restaurants and maybe the Lancastrian hall could be one with a roof terrace as it has the space.

"They could even put the fountains back into fountain square. The building is full of asbestos that’s why it’s not been pulled down. It’d cost too much to demolish it."

Craig Leyland said: "There was rumours that it was going to be turned into the new Swinton recreation centre. I haven't a clue where the pool would go if it was true. Pull it down I say, it has been left to rot. Looks an eyesore.

"I'd say let the Bilash Balti House move into it. Over 3 floors of punters for one of the best curry's in the land."

Michelle Cantliff: "I'm very sad that it has become what it has. I loved it in the 70s Discos, pantomime, dances and other celebrations.

"I miss it and the way it used to be so much I even has a local artist do me a picture of it which I have framed on my living room wall. Wonderful memories of happy times."

Richard Abram said: " I used to like going to the library there as a kid, as you could loan out the latest CD album and VHS tapes. The building itsself is ugly, old and needs either demolishing or a complete revamp.

"If there were things inside like bowling, retro cinema or vintage looking that is kitted out with modern gear then maybe that would offer something different.

"There's not much to do in Swinton, other than pubs and a pool hall. It all depends on what the council wants to do and if they want people to come here rather than the Trafford Centre.

"All I can say is that, the building is like marmite. You either like it or hate it. At the end of the day something should be done with it.

"Either build something for families to enjoy or build some sort of garden, nature thing."

Brian Forrest said: "Definitely needs to be taken down, riddled with asbestos I believe.

"Would be nice to replace it, a building with modern architecture. Some office space and public spaces.

"Maybe an Everyman cinema and bowling alley would fit well and bring some life back to the area."

Sara Rothery said: " I have fond memories of running up and down the slope as a kid.

"Nearly every Saturday it was library time and doing my GCSEs and A Levels too.

"Watching pantos in the winter and going into the adult library for the first time. Loved it. I still love the design and retro feel to it. I wish it was still open."

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