REBECCA Long-Bailey set out her vision for Labour's path to power in a speech to supporters in Salford on Friday–– and reiterated her socialist principles with vows to overhaul parts of society.

The architect of Labour's 'Green New Deal' laid out her four point plan to power, which included improving Labour's messaging with an everyday language to sell policies and ideas, empowering the party's movement to reconnect with voters in the 'Red Wall', 'stirring up' a democratic revolution to reduce the power of Westminster and using the Green Industrial Revolution to unite Labour’s heartlands.

She also again vowed to abolish the House of Lords, provide more council homes, place bodies into public ownership to lower bills and provide better wages.

The Salford and Eccles MP also told attendees at her event at The Lowry that she would challenge the media's "vested interests" and "ridicule" perceived smears against Labour if she succeeds Jeremy Corbyn as leader.

She said: "Much of the press is owned by billionaires, so it's no surprise they support the Tories and monster Labour.

"I'll not only call that out, I have a plan to deal with it. I'll ridicule the most absurd smears and lies.

"We won't just rebut factual errors in stories, but provide a counter-narrative about deliberate media efforts to hold back aspirational socialism."

Her ideas for establishing rival messaging include setting up a "dedicated creative digital communications unit" in the party, responsible for producing "viral content that can both get around media hostility and speak directly to voters".

Long-Bailey also praised Corbyn and Labour stalwarts Diane Abbott and John McDonnell, saying that the party "owe them so much" for their "huge efforts."

She added: "They have done their bit and it is time for a new generation to take us forward. And I, for one, am ready to take up the mantle of socialist leadership."

"In this leadership election, our party needs to exercise the greatest care in who we choose to lead us. Because the British Establishment wants to put us into a box. A box that separates us from the people our party was built to represent. Well I will not be put in that box and won’t allow our party to be either.

"Yes, we have to be credible to regain trust with voters but I’m not interested in the definition of credibility used by the media and chattering classes. The only credibility I’m interested in winning is that of the people."

Long-Bailey is competing against Sir Keir Starmer, Lisa Nandy and Emily Thornberry to become the new leader of the party.

The leadership candidates are currently trying to win over party supporters ahead of the election in April.