SALFORD Shopping Centre in Pendleton will remain open to shoppers as the UK goes into a state of lockdown sue to the spread of coronavirus.

In an unprecedented speech to the nation on Monday evening watched by 27 million TV viewers, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the UK was facing a "moment of national emergency" and he was bringing in new measures for at least three weeks.

He said people should leave home only to exercise once a day, travel to and from work where "absolutely necessary", shop for essential items and to fulfil any medical or care needs.

He also ordered the immediate closure of shops selling non-essential goods.

The shopping centre has issued a list of shops that remain open for customers but has urged shoppers to purchase "considerately and responsibly" if they do visit the centre on Hankinson Way.

A spokesperson said: "Our centre remains open to provide access to stores providing essential products and services such as food, pharmacy, household products and banking."

The stores that remain open are:

Home Bargains

Holland & Barrett



Sterling Meats



Heron Foods

Save a Lot



Lloyds Bank

Bakers and Meat stall in the indoor market




Post Office

The spokesperson added: "If you need to visit we ask that you shop considerately, responsibly and with respect for staff and fellow shoppers. Please follow the direction and guidance of staff in centre and in store.

"Thank you for your continued cooperation."