CHRIS Casper is relishing his role at Salford City and working with the Class of ’92 owners and boss Graham Alexander.

Burnley-born Casper is the club’s sporting director and helps former Clarets favourite Alexander on the recruitment side of things at the League Two club.

With the fourth tier season likely to be formally ended in the coming days, the Ammies are set for a 10th-place finish in their first season in the Football League after a rapid rise since Peter Lim and the former Manchester United cohort got involved.

“As the sporting director you are looking at all aspects of the sporting side of the business but linking that with the financial side of the business as well, working with the chairman and the executive board to make sure the football side is running as well as possible but obviously from the business side, there’s a responsibility for them both to marry up,” Casper said.

“Part of my role is to make sure that’s fluid and that’s in place. You are there as a support for the manager as well, to let him work in the most efficient way possible.

“Speaking to agents, speaking to other clubs on recruitment and things like that, he’s not wasting his time but it can be time better spent with the players on the training ground.

“He can really focus on what his strengths are and Graham’s a very good manager, a very, very good coach and my responsibility and my role for him is to help him and support him in doing that role as well as he can.

“Part of the role is recruitment and to supply him with the players that he needs and is looking for to move the club forward.”

The club is well-backed and ambitious but Casper insists it is a gradual process.

“Personally it’s to continue to develop the club in the right way and build the foundations so we can move forwards,” he told the Sports Bar Show.

“We are a progressive club, we are an ambitious club.

"When we’ve got the kind of owners that we have, they don’t go into things and do things by halves.

“Without setting a target of saying we want to be in this division, that division, from my perspective it’s building the club in the right way.

“The development squad is very important to us, we brought Warren Joyce in last year who is an expert in developing young players and his time at Manchester United proves that.

“That’s a really big area for us to focus on because we want to develop young players and get them into the first team.

“A prime example of that is Brandon Thomas Asante who was released by MK Dons as a 20-year-old, trained with Warren for three or four months, broke into the first team and is now a first-team regular.

“If we can continue in that mould and identify good, young players, either through the academy or from other clubs that’s really important for us.”